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  • Breakfast Hit: Smoothie Bowl

    Breakfast Hit: Smoothie Bowl

    Ok, so you know what a smoothie is: blended fresh fruit or veggies, chock full of vitamins. Now, a smoothie bowl is simply an improved version of that – yes, it only gets better! Think eating your smoothie in a bowl with chunks of fresh fruit, nuts, grains and seeds!Read More

  • 5 Tips to Beat Winter Blues

    5 Tips to Beat Winter Blues

    It's Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means less sunlight, more time indoors, and for most of us, a challenge to stay active. Valerie Orsoni has 5 important tips to help you get through this cold season and stay healthy, warm, fit, and most of all - happy!Read More

  • 11 Nutrition Trends for 2016

    11 Nutrition Trends for 2016

    You know how much I like to stay well informed on the latest advances in nutrition. This way, we are always one step ahead on improving our diet and our health! Every year I like to predict the nutrition trends on the horizon. In the past we've had Stevia, goji berries, chia seeds, buckwheat and more! With 2015 now behind us, let’s have a look at the nutrition trends that promise to mark 2016.Read More

  • 2016 Weight Loss Resolutions

    2016 Weight Loss Resolutions

    Happy New Year! Did you know that every year about 40-45% of adults make New Year’s resolutions, yet according to experts, 97% of those resolutions will not be kept? For those of us looking to slim down and live a healthier lifestyle, let’s examine the top 3 reasons why New Year’s weight loss resolutions typically fail, and how to make this year different!Read More

  • Recipe: Black Forest Verrines

    Recipe: Black Forest Verrines

    With Christmas behind us and New Year's up ahead, you're bound to be making a dinner party or two. Try this gourmet LeBootCamp dessert recipe: it's rich but lighter than the classic cake version which serves much larger portion sizes! This dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth without tipping the scales on the wrong side.Read More

  • Xmas Party Without The Pounds

    Xmas Party Without The Pounds

    The exciting holiday season is once again here – and yes (!) it is possible to maintain your weight over the holidays! Stay strong and don’t pay attention to those good-resolution saboteurs who tell you “no point trying, you’re bound to gain the pounds back at Christmas anyways!” This year the pounds are not invited to the party - and here’s how to make sure they stay away.Read more

  • Raw & Vegan Energy Smoothie

    Raw & Vegan Energy Smoothie

    Did you know bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein which the body converts into serotonin? Add to that high levels of vitamin B, which help calm the nervous system, and this smoothie will naturally relax you! Reap the nutritional benefits of kale and banana in this delicious energy boost.Read more

  • Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    In the USA, the Fall season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are three...Read more

  • Why I Did the Spartan Race

    Why I Did the Spartan Race

    I usually spend weekends with my family and friends – long walks [...]Read more

  • Gratitude Journey

    Gratitude Journey

    This morning, I woke up in a bed, with a roof over my head.Read more


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    “The experience I had was amazing!”


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    “I’m a physician, a mom and an athlete...”


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    “It’s so exciting to be able to dress up again!”


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    “The meal suggestions are healthy for the whole family!”


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    “LeBootCamp has given us renewed enthusiasm for experimenting with recipes!”

    Nancy & Jeff

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    “39 lbs down...and I’m still shedding more!”


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    “I dropped 6 dress sizes!”


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    “No deprivation - a little bit of everything in moderation!”


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    “I love that LeBootCamp doesn't tell you to deprive yourself.”


Results may vary. Always consult a doctor before starting a weight loss program.

A healthy, natural and effective method

Valérie Orsoni, together with her team of dietitians, designed the LeBootCamp program to lose weight healthily, efficiently, and most of all, with pleasure. LeBootCamp isn't just a diet, but rather an easy-to-follow balanced wellness system. A healthy mind in a healthy body!

The Orsoni method is structured into 4 phases of Detox, Attack, Booster and Maintenance; plus a secret weapon: the Turbo Detox Day. The method is based on 4 pillars: gourmet nutrition, easy fitness, motivation, and sleep & stress management. The program is designed for rapid weight loss and prevention of the yo-yo effect.

LeBootCamp is the proven solution to slimming down naturally and effectively, without regaining weight and without counting calories. In Valerie Orsoni's weight loss method, nutritional rebalancing is one of the keys to natural weight stabilization. This gourmet diet will allow you to keep the weight off for the long term.

Présentation générale

Buckwheat and LeBootCamp recipes

Buckwheat is LeBootCamp's flagship food. It is gluten-free, contains exceptional antioxidant properties and is a natural appetite suppressant. Its extraordinary health virtues enable the body to naturally cleanse itself, thus promoting weight loss. On the LeBootCamp program you will frequently encounter recipes featuring buckwheat.

LeBootCamp offers varied and balanced menu suggestions throughout the 4 phases of the program, including 150 foods you can enjoy without restriction to avoid hunger and cravings. Every day of the program features a new recipe. All recipes are created by Valerie Orsoni and her team of dietitians in accordance with the specific nutrition rules of each program phase and our signature gourmet style. Over 500 recipes are available!

So, ready to eat well and lose weight at the same time? Start by filling in your free LeBootCamp weight loss profile! Take advantage of the unlimited and personalized support offered by our team 24/7.

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