Valérie Orsoni’s coaching

Valérie Orsoni’s coaching

To complement her method, Valerie Orsoni designed an exclusive online coaching program. LeBootCamp coaching provides dedicated support, hundreds of tailored recipes, hundreds of videos and practical tips, interactive tools and, more importantly, the assurance of sustaining the highest levels of motivation for the entire duration of your program with the support of the LeBootCamp community.

The LeBootCamp method

The LeBootCamp method

The LeBootCamp method is an innovative and effective approach, originally created by Valerie Orsoni, who was overweight herself, with women in mind. But this method is just as effective for men! Her method is much more than a slimming program, it is an entire lifestyle rebalancing strategy.

A comprehensive approach

A comprehensive approach

Valérie Orsoni conceived an effective and natural slimming method to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. It consists of 4 consecutive phases: Detox, Attack, Stabilisation and Defense and rests on 4 pillars: nutrition, easy fitness, motivation and the management of sleep and stress. This comprehensive approach offers you the best assurance of losing weight rapidly and healthily.

LeBootCamp coaching

LeBootCamp coaching

Devised by Valérie Orsoni, nutrition and wellness expert, it offers you a structured slimming strategy over 4 combined phases: 3 to lose weight and 1 to stabilise it. The 4 phases are Detox, Attack, Stabilisation and Defense. Each one of them comprises tips and recommendations, fitness exercises, specific menus and recipes. The Turbo Detox (TD) day, unique to Valerie Orsoni’s program, enhances the performance of the method throughout your wellness program.

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  •  How I dropped from a size 14 to a size 6!

    How I dropped from a size 14 to a size 6!

    Please let me introduce you to Emilie, a star BootCampers who, on top of losing her excess weight, discovered a newfound energy from embracing a healthy lifestyle.

    “I am 30 year old and have been a member of LeBootCamp since August 2013. Before that, I rarely (OK, hardly ever) exercised. Like [...]Read more

  •  Christmas menu special

    Christmas menu special

    It is this time of the year again. Traditionally a feasting season, it can also be challenge for those who don’t want to pay a heavy price (no pun intended ;-) come the new year but still want to partake in the joys of the table. In response to many requests for yummy guilt free celebration menu ideas… here are a few Holiday ideas [...]Lire la suite

  •  Tea drinkers are in better health than coffee drinkers

    Tea drinkers are in better health than coffee drinkers

    As you may have noticed, at LeBootCamp, we love tea! We already knew that it was healthier than coffee but nothing beats a nice long term study to reaffirm a few convictions!

    A wide scale French study, conducted by Prof. Nicholas Danchin from the Unité de Cardiologie (cardiology department) at Hôpital Georges Pompidou in Paris, came to a clear and undeniable conclusion: [...]Read more

  • [step by step] Squash & Roots Soup with Caramelized Corn & Cranberries

    [step by step] Squash & Roots Soup with Caramelized Corn & Cranberries

    ### Gluten free, Paleo, Wahls, FodMap, vegetarian friendly ###

    Here is a delicious Fall produce recipe I have created just for you.

    I did not even get any inspiration from a cookbook as it can sometimes happen. I have documented it step by step [...]Read more

  • My Dream Body by New Year's Eve

    My Dream Body by New Year's Eve

    No time to go to the gym? No problem!

    Fed up with 30-day challenges where you repeat the same exercise over and over? Here is the solution: Easy but targeted and different routines!

    Every day, from Nov 29th through New Year's Eve we will target one trouble zone and give you a new routine! Your challenge? Do it for as long as possible!Read more

  •  Could fruit juices be silent killers?

    Could fruit juices be silent killers?

    We are all aware that homemade fruit juices are healthier than their ready-made, sugar-loaded, “reconstituted” counterparts.

    Midsection of father serving orange juice for children in kitchenWe all know that fruit juices are packed with vitamins and minerals, the essential nutrients key to optimal health and functioning of our body. And, as parents, we like to make sure our little ones have their morning OJ [...]Read more

  • Chocolate Pebbles

    Chocolate Pebbles

    Any true gourmet knows to have delicious chocolate treat recipe up their sleeve. This one will not disappoint and the palets’ dainty size makes them the perfect guilt free delight to accompany a cup of tea or an espresso!

    The base used is the same as that for the Granola Cupcakes I showed you a short time ago, so you can kill two birds with one stone! [...]Read more

  • Frederique : «The new Me thanks to LeBootCamp»

    Frederique : «The new Me thanks to LeBootCamp»

    Today, as I like to do regularly in this blog, I give the floor to one of our BootCampers. On this occasion I would like to introduce you to Frederique who is going to share some of the secrets to her Success Story with us.

    "I am 37 years old and have been a LeBootCamp method subscriber for a year, since September 2013 to be exact. Over the years trials and tribulations, small and [...]"Read more

  •  Drum roll… Tadaaah! Big announcement!

    Drum roll… Tadaaah! Big announcement!

    I can barely contain my excitement! I am a naturally enthusiastic person but this is really special and very close to my heart…

    I am holding my new book in my hands and it is gorgeous! Even better than I could possibly have imagined. Quadrille have outdone themselves for my UK and Ireland debut! A special thank you to my editor who took a rough diamond and polished it into an amazing gem! [...]Read more

  • Granola Cupcakes

    Granola Cupcakes

    Here is a recipe for you that is :

    – easy

    – delicious

    – quick (5 min preparation, 10 min cooking time)

    – fun for the kids to make

    – healthy

    – compatible with: gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, LeBootCamp, FodMap diets [...]Read more

  • The vendetta diet, you are not a Bridget Jones!

    The vendetta diet, you are not a Bridget Jones!

    Remember how poor Bridget Jones, already fighting with her weight, humiliated, cheated on and trampled on by her beloved, was mopping up her betrayed woman’s pain with a box of tissues, hoping to numb her broken heart by binging on liquor, cookies and giant tubs of ice cream.

    What was she thinking? That a few extra pounds would help her forget the betrayal?Read more

  •  Coachie vents: The Killer Breakfast at 8000 calories a pop

    Coachie vents: The Killer Breakfast at 8000 calories a pop

    Yes, you read it right!

    In the series “The world has gone mad” I present you Mark Winder from Bear’s Grill Café in Congleton, Cheshire, UK. This madman has decided to offer the richest breakfast in the world in his cafe. By his own admission the ingredients in this meal could feed a family of four for a week and here is what “The Hibernator” looks like: [...]Read more

  • Min Jee – Month 6 – Amazing progress!!!!

    Min Jee – Month 6 – Amazing progress!!!!

    Wowee! I have been coaching Min Jee for 6 months now. Do you remember how I met her 2 days before she was due for bariatric surgery (gastrectomy, or ablation of a portion of her stomach)? In a state of morbid obesity, each minute of her life her physical the condition was deteriorating. She couldn’t [...]Read more

  •  Raphael : Bootcamper, photographer, food lover

    Raphael : Bootcamper, photographer, food lover

    This week I am delighted to introduce you to Raphael, a BootCamper who has been following the LeBootCamp method for a few days now.

    Besides treating us to his splendid food photography on the LeBootCamp facebook group, he is candidly sharing his journey with us, failures and greatest successes as well as his goals for this new page in his life [...]Read more

  • You are invited!

    You are invited!

    Monday Sept 29th, 9 am PST - 12 pm EST

    Chat "*live* with us and Grape Nuts® on Nutrition & FitnessJoin us here!

  •  [Oktober Fest] 8 good reasons for drinking beer

    [Oktober Fest] 8 good reasons for drinking beer

    It’s Oktober Fest! On the eve of the celebration of this much loved German beverage, let’s take a close look at its uses and benefits.

    Beer can be used instead of fresh cream or milk in many recipes, thus reducing the proportion of saturated fats as well as the number of calories [...]Read more

  •  Do one thing a day that scares you

    Do one thing a day that scares you

    You are probably already familiar with Eleanor’s Roosevelt famous quote “do one thing every day that scares you”. Of course she doesn’t mean jump off a bridge, wrestle with a hungry lion, break the law, take unnecessary risks or put yourself in the way of danger. For some people simply talking to a work colleague is already quite a challenge to overcome, for someone [...]Read more

  •  9/9/13 – 9/9/14 – 1 year – Everything comes to her who waits … and perseveres …

    9/9/13 – 9/9/14 – 1 year – Everything comes to her who waits … and perseveres …

    365 days – 12 months – That’s a long time…

    A year ago exactly, I started out my day at 6 am with a 1 km swim in front of my astounded mummy.

    The last kilometer before long. I was in the hospital to undergo a very tricky operation to remove a bone too many I had in my right ankle. I had my [...]Read more

  • Media July-August 2014

    Media July-August 2014

    Every time I see a feature with LeBootCamp recipes, fitness tips, Boot.Campers’ testimonials and more I am thrilled!

    Here are the latest features in the US and in the UK!

    [...]Read more

  • Recipe: Blueberry Smoothie

    Recipe: Blueberry Smoothie

    LeBootCamp Phase: Detox

    Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, raw foodist, paleo, FodMap, Wahls, and of course LeBootCamp friendly! This recipe can serve as a healthy and filling breakfast or as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth in the middle of the afternoon! [...]Read more

  •  Céline: I dropped 6 dress sizes

    Céline: I dropped 6 dress sizes

    We regularly receive testimonials from happy and slimmer BootCampers, today it is Celine who sharing her journey to a slimmer self having shed 22 kilos (48.5lbs).

    Celine “A year ago, on April 8th 2013 to be exact, I get on the scales and see a figure that frightened me: 98.6kg (217.4 lbs)! [...]Read more

  • Recipe : Sunny Italian Bruscetta!

    Recipe : Sunny Italian Bruscetta!

    Here is a deliciously easy recipe, full of sunshine and scents of Italy evoquing long summer lunches under the trees.

    Ideal for a brunch or a light summer's dinner alongside a lovely salad and some crudites. This recipe can be used during the ATTACK phase of LeBootCamp, my wellness and weightloss program.[...]Read more

  • Min Jee has a waist!!! … And how to regain the elasticity of her distended skin

    Min Jee has a waist!!! … And how to regain the elasticity of her distended skin

    We are proceeding with Min Jee’s stabilisation at 86kg for a few weeks. I’ll quickly explain to you how this works exactly. Understandably, she is a little frustrated as she would like it to go faster and I sympathise with that. However, I have to explain to her how her body needs to [...]Read more

  •  Rant: Yes, I like having nice pictures taken…. ‘Nough said!

    Rant: Yes, I like having nice pictures taken…. ‘Nough said!

    Having a bit of a rant today….. A journalist friend of mine tells me that a certain Parisian fitness coach is being very critical of me for enjoying sharing nice pictures of myself. I have been branded narcissistic to mention just one of her “compliments” about me.

    To you my dear, who was born with a gorgeous body and [...]Read more

  • Boot.Rencontre VIP to Santa Fe

    Boot.Rencontre VIP to Santa Fe

    I have been meaning to write this post about a fantastic BootMeeting in New Mexico, in a town rich in history I have always had a strong fascination for and wanted to visit, Santa Fe. At last, it is done!

    I decided to treat 6 BootCampers to a 3 day long week-end for they have been spreading the word about LeBootCamp around [...]Read more


  • Serge
    Serge-18 lbs
  • Audrey
    Audrey-18 lbs
  • Virginie
    Virginie-22 lbs
  • Emilie
    Emilie-18 lbs
  • Patricia
    Patricia-11 lbs
  • Sophie
    Sophie-18 lbs
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Serge : -18 lbs

31 days on the program and in dazzling form. I have lost 18 lbs which is great as I had never managed to lose the layer of fat on my stomach. There is still a little to go, but hardly any! What a victory! Thank you again Valerie, a real joy to have crossed Read more


Audrey : -18 lbs

I have lost 18 lbs, I am happier with myself and finally feel self confident! The recipes are lovely, easy to prepare and completely adaptable to the fact that I am a vegetarian. Even the shopping list is done already done for you! I lost 9 lbs in the Read more


Virginie : -22 lbs

Thanks to Valerie Orsoni's program,I have lost 22 lbs in 4 months! I needed a new dynamic method with regular support to boost me. The program begins with a Detox day, I was afraid I wouldn't manage it but it wasn't that hard at all. I now share my recipes Read more


Emilie : -18 lbs

Every day, I receive an encouraging email from my coach Valerie Orsoni! This program is complete, enriching and easy to follow. Each day I receive an email where I find nutritional advice, menus, recipes and exercise tips. When I do a fitness exercise, Read more


Patricia : -11 lbs

I love combining fitness to my diet for more effective results! I really enjoy exercising alongside a simple diet. I lost my first 7 lbs in 10 days, quite effortlessly and that gave me the motivation to carry on. I count the floors I walk up and down Read more


Sophie : -18 lbs

I have already lost 8 kilos thanks to LeBootCamp! I enjoy the healthy aspect of the program. It is all about common sense I the end: healthy eating and regular excercise. As soon as I have a doubt about anything I ask my question on the forum and put Read more

A healthy, natural and effective method

Valérie Orsoni, together with her team of dieticians, designed the LeBootCamp slimming program to lose weight healthily and efficiently in a balanced manner. LeBootCamp isn't just a diet, but rather an easy to follow rounded wellness system. A healthy mind in a healthy body

The Orsoni method is structured over 4 phases: Detox, Attack, Stabilisation and Defence; plus a secret weapon: the Turbo Detox day. The method rests on 4 pillars: gourmet nutrition, easy fitness, motivation and sleep and stress management. The strategy is designed for rapid weight loss and prevention of the yoyo effect.

LeBootCamp is the best solution to lose weight without regaining it and without counting calories. Nutritional rebalancing is one of the keys to natural stabilisation in Valerie Orsoni's weight loss method. This gourmet diet will allow you to keep the weight off.

A healthy, natural and effective method

Buckwheat and LeBootCamp recipes

Buckwheat is the essential food of Valerie Orsoni's method. LeBootCamp, the Buckwheat method! Including 150 unlimited foods and no forbidden foods, it is possible to lose weight with indulgence, without frustration, hunger or deprivation. The menus are balanced, easy and quick to prepare.

LeBootCamp weight loss coaching: the effective motivational support to reclaim your figure, find your ideal weight, flatten your tummy and never regain the lost pounds. Valerie Orsoni offers over 500 delicious slimming recipes to enjoy. Get your LeBootCamp weight loss profile for free and sign up to start learning today how to lose your unwanted pounds. Take advantage of the illimited and personalised support our team offers you.

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